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Miera has been teaching for over ten years, being dedicated to the brush since she was six years old. Currently, she focuses on teaching full time at her art studio in Tucson, where she shares her passion with anyone willing to learn.

Born and raised in Arizona, Miera has always loved the culture of the Southwest and all that it has to offer, as it brings her constant inspiration.

With each new creation, Miera strives to grow and express herself in heartfelt ways. She gets her greatest joy through teaching watercolor and encouraging people to paint.

Her work is often featured in galleries across the Southwest.

If you’d like to get involved, check out Miera’s art classes and learn beginner and master-class techniques in watercolor. 
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All images are available in Giclees, Greeting Cards and Prints. Sizes may vary depending on the image.

Images are available for your enjoyment, as greeting cards, prints and giclees.

All reproductions are produced in the finest quality for the  discerning art collector.

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